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Editorial: Citizens clearly not on board

The Zip Rail study project managers have a long, long way to go before Goodhue County residents will support the proposal. While many unknowns surround the Rochester-Twin Cities Passenger Rail Corridor Investment Plan — including the costs — there’s no question that local farmers and their small-town neighbors don’t like the concept. In fact, they hate it, if public outcry Thursday night is a true indication of their feelings.

Contrast the strong reaction at the Kenyon meeting to the reportedly staid, dry discussions Tuesday and Wednesday nights in Rochester and Inver Grove Heights. Those communities likely see only the gains.

Some people might view local opposition as a case of “What’s in it for me?” because the Zip Rail won’t stop here. In reality, opposition is more a case of “This would cost us too much — in terms of lost property, lost roads and lost tax dollars.”

Zip Rail supporters should take these rural residents seriously. Some of these same citizens successfully killed a proposed wind farm. They championed local ordinances that to date have prevented silica sand mining here.

Goodhue County residents again have made a statement they won’t be railroaded.