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Editorial: A capital Capitol

What is the Minnesota Capitol?

Yes, it’s the place where representatives and senators pass bills, the government signs them into law and the justices interpret those laws.

The Capitol is where leaders conduct the people’s business.

But the elegant building also stands as a memorial to the state’s Civil War veterans. Paintings, sculptures, regimental flags and more tell the story.?Many highlight Red Wing and Goodhue County soldiers who played vital roles for the Union Army. Some works of art have center stage while others are tucked into niches.

Eight Civil War soldiers went on to serve as Minnesota governors. They ans other veterans of the “War Between the States” wanted to have the most beautiful state building

Our latest story about expensive and extensive renovations appeared in Wednesday’s paper. The building isn’t much to look at right now because of tarps, scaffolding and equipment, but citizens should appreciate the efforts to restore their Capitol, which  opened in 1905.

There is no better time than the Civil War sesquicentennial to celebrate and save our history.