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To the Editor: Fossen knows the issues

To the Editor:

I first met Keith Fossen and his wife, Amy, at a Goodhue County Board meeting. We were there for different issues, but shared the same frustration with our county government over their lack of concern, respect and disregard for citizens’ issues.

Passion on a particular issue gets people involved. While attending board meetings for over three years, Keith has become educated on the many issues facing our county. He will not bow to outside interests but will protect our natural resources for the benefit of our community. He will preserve our rural way of life and focus on sustainable economic development.

I was glad to hear when he was running for county commissioner, because I was impressed with his ability to understand and take a genuine interest in many complicated issues that our county is facing. He will not only listen, but engage and actively seek solutions.

Keith is a supervisor on the Hay Creek Town Board, he is also on the State’s Environmental Quality Board, board member with the Red Wing Ignite, which is investing in technology-based business ideas, and the Goodhue County Historical Society.

In addition to his board experiences, Fossen has an impressive business background, finding innovative ways to make business’s more efficient and thrive. He will be a great asset on the Goodhue County Board.

Please vote for Keith Fossen for District 4 county commissioner on Aug. 12.

Ann Buck