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Dress-up day went too far, as did the reaction

To the Editor:

On Sept. 30, most of Red Wing High School participated in an apparently "racist" day.

What strikes me as odd is when people dress like that and get in trouble. But some people can dress, let's say, like a cheerleader on Halloween. Their costume can be very risque and revealing but nobody says a word about it being offensive to them.

Most of the students that went home that day because it "offended" them did it so they could get out of school. That day has been there for about six years and nobody has said a word or complained about anything before this year.

It was not intended to be an offensive or racist thing at all. People just took it way too far. But the day after that when everyone dressed in a "preppy style" nobody got sent home or was asked to change.

So really, where does the discrimination lie here?

Emily Clerico

Red Wing