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Don't escalate violence in Syria

To the Editor:

The purpose of this communication is to encourage Red Wingites to contact their congressional representatives and reject President Obama’s plans to conduct “limited air strikes” against the government of Syria.

More than 100,000 people have been killed in this civil war and more than 1.2 million refugees are now in camps in neighboring countries.

To bomb Syria could lead to horrific ramifications. This civil war has already spread into Lebanon. Ethnic expulsion of Kurds by opponents of the regime is now a reality in northern Syria. Gas warfare has now been employed by both sides.

It would be naive to believe that Syria is truly part of our strategic national interests. Equally naive is propaganda to the effect that our country wants democracy in the Middle East.

Have weapon sales for the

Egyptian military been halted? Are our allies in the Syrian conflict such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey really democracies?

Let me be clear about another matter. I am gravely skeptical about the claims that the latest massive gas attack in Damascus were done by the Syrian regime. Would a dictator winning this civil war just two days before the arrival of a UN inspection team be so stupid? Possibly.

But is it also possible that Saudi Arabia might be implicated as well?

I would place credence in the UN inspectors’ report, not political propaganda.

The way to end this carnage is simple but not easy. All weapons supplied to both sides must be terminated. The most responsible powers are Russia and the USA. A negotiated peace settlement under the auspices of the UN is also needed. Further escalation of violence will make this hellhole in the Middle East even darker.

Charles Nicolosi

Red Wing