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Come show some Winger pride

As I sat watching the Red Wing Boys Basketball team play in their section final last Friday night, I couldn’t help but think of when I was in high school. Then the stands would be packed with parents and students, all dressed in purple. The band would be there in force, playing fun songs that got the crowd and team enthusiastic. The school song would be played numerous times, with the entire Red Wing section on its feet, singing along.

Last Friday night, the stands were barely half-filled with Red Wing fans. There wasn’t much purple in the crowd, few stood when the team was introduced, the band rarely played and people looked at me strangely when I sang along to the school song.

Our opponent, Austin, brought their school spirit: everyone was in red, their school color; the band was engaging and obviously excited to be there. Their fans were amazingly supportive of their team, chanting and cheering.

How exciting it must have felt to be a player; the support was palpable. How unsupported our team must have felt … .

We need to do better Red Wing! My children are not yet in high school, but I want them to feel the excitement of the crowd when they run onto the court or step on stage. I want them to burst with Winger pride. Our students need the support of our school administration, fellow students and community.

We need to be better fans and have Winger pride for all groups, whether it’s athletics, academics or clubs. We need to plant the seeds of school spirit early and grow that into a sense of community.

We’re purple and white Red Wing High

We’re ready to fight Red Wing High

We’ll back you to stand, against the best in the land

‘Cause we know you’ll defend Red Wing High

Rah! Rah!

So pick up the ball Red Wing High

We’re the best of them all Red Wing High

Our team is the fame protector,

Fight boys,

for we expect a

Victory from you

Red Wing High


Red Wing

Red Wing

Yay Wingers, Fight!

Nikki Kuehni

Red Wing