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Column: Problems with MNsure have only just begun

Is it any wonder why the majority of Minnesotans and Americans disapprove of Obamacare?

Just review some of the events of the past two weeks and you can easily see why folks are not only disgusted with this large hunk of socialism but genuinely afraid that government is going to screw up not only their health care but their right to privacy.

Minnesota’s version of Obamacare, MNsure, will be up and running in just a few weeks. This program is not one size fits all. As usual – much like our schools, nursing homes and Local Government Aid – the inner cities are more valued and treated better than Greater Minnesota.

Let’s look at the rate differentials. In one category, a resident in southeastern Minnesota can expect to pay $200 per month for Obamacare coverage. Yet a resident living in Minneapolis would pay $91 for similar coverage.

The Democrats who cobbled together Minnesota’s Obamacare have been quick to point out that these rates are the “lowest health insurance rates in the country.” Yet they won’t tell you they are comparing our rates to other Obamacare rates in other states – not private market rates.

Despite the goal of making health care more affordable, Minnesotans are not allowed to shop for health insurance in other states, making this comparison worthless. It’s also worth noting that MNsure’s rates are higher than private market rates that are currently available in Minnesota.

If that’s not bad enough, we learned last week that your privacy may be at risk because a MNsure employee sent out an email containing personal information, including Social Security numbers, of 2,400Minnesotans.

Folks, this program isn’t even off the ground yet and already it has violated the public’s faith. These are people we are entrusting with our tax and health information.

Many lawmakers repeatedly questioned how this outfit was going to handle and protect our personal data, and we were repeatedly assured that everything was going to be fine.

Everything is not fine. We’re already spending $150 million in taxpayer dollars on this boondoggle, and the only thing we’ve proven is that a patient’s personal and medical information can be easily jeopardized.

You’ve probably seen the cute ads encouraging you to give Mnsure a try. I’d encourage you to avoid it like the plague.

Besides the obvious security problems, our version of Obamacare forces many hardworking Minnesotans to pay more for health insurance and prioritizes Minneapolis and St. Paul residents over those who live everywhere else in this state. And all of this is happening at our expense.

Everyone can agree that there is a need for affordable health insurance, but the price - figuratively and literally – that you will be forced to pay if you find yourself in the midst of MNsure will be anything but affordable.

MNsure is a classic example of government gone wrong, and its problems have only begun.

Rep. Steve Drazkowski, R-Mazeppa, can be reached at 651-296-2273 or