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Column: Help your district better serve our students

We are excited to have our students and staff members back in full force as we begin another school year.

I keep thinking about the comments of Dave Murphy of Red Wing Shoe at a recent meeting of Every Hand Joined, a local group of leaders focused on providing educational opportunities for every child in our community. He spoke about the potentially different futures of children shown in two pictures — one of his own grandchild and the other of a child from a Minneapolis orphanage. Mr. Murphy’s comments about the importance of education in their lives illustrate the importance of community support and a great educational system.

All of us play an important role in the lives of nearly 3,000 children who attend Red Wing Public Schools. That is why the school district is continually seeking ways to improve everything we do; our work is too important for us to be satisfied with the status quo.

Thankfully, we live in a community that is willing to work together to help us achieve our vision and goals.

In the coming years, we will be facing some additional changes and opportunities. Here are some examples:

• Student achievement will continue to be our primary focus.

Results from this past spring’s state assessments show that we scored above state average in nearly all measurements. This year we are revising our formative assessment plan to provide better information to our teachers so they can provide better learning opportunities and interventions.

• Every child deserves a chance to learn and succeed. Therefore, we need to enhance our efforts on equity and access, and we must sharpen our focus on human rights.

• During the next two years we will be implementing new evaluation systems of teachers and principals.

• The school district continues to have facility-related concerns. Improved long-range planning will include staff and community input in the decision-making process.

• Selected teachers are implementing a technology pilot to determine which technology tools could be used to enhance student learning.

• To better serve our students, the school district will begin discussions on how to improve customer service and responsiveness throughout the system.

Thank you for your support of the students of Red Wing Public Schools. We know that working together will enable us to provide opportunities for every child, every step of the way.