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MINUTES 4-22-2017

Thursday, April 20, 2017 - 11:20pm

Independent School District #256
Red Wing, MN 55066
The Red Wing School Board held its regular meeting on March 20, 2017 in the Red Wing City Hall Chambers. Board members, Superintendent Karsten Anderson, staff and public were present. Chair Farrar called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.
Motion made by Anderson and seconded by Borgschatz to approve the meeting agenda as presented. Motion carried 7-0.
2.1 Recognitions and Upcoming Events
Several recognitions were shared with the school board.
2.2 Public Comment: None
2.3 Construction Update:
Karsten Anderson provided an update about construction activities.
2.4 Strategic Planning Update:
Karsten Anderson provided an update about the strategic planning process.
2.5 Operating Levy Referendum Update:
Karsten Anderson provided and update on a possible Operating Levy Referendum.
2.6 Reports and Committee Notes:
Committee meeting notes and reports were reviewed.
3.1 Consent Agenda:
The following were added to the Consent Agenda:
Resignation: Joshua Schultz, Custodian at Twin Bluff Middle School, effective April 2, 2017; Jeremy Sorenson, Principal at Sunnyside Elementary School, effective June 30, 2017,
1.Board minutes for March 6, 2017
2.Claims & Accounts for February 16, 2017-February 28, 2017
Fund 01 – General Funds $408,600.05
Fund 02 – Food Service 1,438.37
Fund 03 – Transportation 1,243.29
Fund 04 – Community Services 39,819.65
Fund 05 – Capital Expenditures17,896.74
Fund 06 – Building Construction 0.00
Fund 07 – Debt Service 12,784.90
Fund 08 – Auxiliary11,572.76
Fund 09 – Trust Agency 1,820.61
Fund 21 – Student Activities 0.00
Fund 22 – Clinic 159.83
Fund 45 – OPEB Trust Fund 0.00
Fund 47 – OPEB Debt Service0.00
Fund 50 – Student Activities 141.14
CREDIT CARD 19,227.39
Total $514,704.73
Payroll – February 28, 2017 $768,968.46
3.Hires: Spring Coaches as per attachment.
4.Reassignment: Catherine Smith, Cook at River Bluff Education Center, effective March 20, 2017 (due to a resignation); Heidi Mitchell, Special Ed/Homebound Teacher at Tower View Alternative School, effective 2017-18 school year (due to a retirement).
5.Surrogate Parent: Ms. Marisol Hernandez as the surrogate parent for Student D.
Motion made by Anderson and seconded by Christensen to approve the consent agenda as amended. Motion carried 7-0.
3.2 Construction Bids:
Motion made by Anderson and seconded by Borgschatz to approve the bid submitted by Cyber Advisors with Alternate 1 using Aruba products for $178,718.50. Motion carried 7-0.
3.3 Land Sale:
Motion made by Jones and seconded by Anderson to approve the resolution authorizing the sale of real property located at 328 Goodhue Street North, with the change to authorize Jackie Paradis, Business Manager, is authorized to sign closing documents in Item 2. Upon roll-call vote, Anderson, Borgschatz, Christensen, Diercks, Farrar, Jones and Roe voted in favor. No board member voted no. Motion passed 7-0.
Upcoming Meetings:
Chair Farrar reviewed the upcoming meetings.
Motion made by Anderson, second by Borgschatz to adjourn the meeting at 6:25 p.m. Motion carried 7-0.
Bethany Borgschatz
School Board Clerk