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Thursday, July 3, 2014 - 11:21pm

Notice is hereby given that the City of Red Wing Advisory Planning Commission will hold a public hearing in the City Council Chambers at City Hall on Tuesday, July 15, 2014, at 7:00 p.m., to hear and make a recommendation on a proposal by the City of Red Wing Advisory Planning Commission for the Rezoning of two parcels in Red Wing. The Planning Commission is recommending the rezoning of the Red Wing Public Works Facility at 229 Tyler Road North from Agricultural Conservation (AC) to Light Industrial (I-1) and the rezoning of the main parcel at the Minnesota Correctional Facility – Red Wing at 1079 Hwy 292 Boulevard from Agricultural Conservation (AC) to Civic District (C). Both of the publicly owned properties’ current uses do not conform to the AC zoning district.
The proposed rezoning applies to the following properties.
Rezoning from AC to I-1:
Plat and Parcel No. 55-835-2360; more commonly known as 229 Tyler Road North.
Rezoning from AC to C:
Plat and Parcel No. 55-605-0050; more commonly known as 1079 Hwy 292 Boulevard.
Full legal descriptions of these parcels and maps of the affected parcels and areas may be viewed at City Hall, 315 West Fourth Street, or by contacting the City of Red Wing Planning Department at 651-385-3622.
Written or oral comments to said rezoning may be presented at this public hearing or filed with the City Clerk prior to this hearing. Each response will be duly considered and evaluated before any formal action is taken by the Planning Commission.
Kathy Seymour Johnson
City Clerk
City of Red Wing, Minnesota
Date: July 2, 2014