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Red Wing School Board March 3 Board Minutes

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - 11:20pm

Independent School District #256
Red Wing Public Schools
The Red Wing School Board held its first monthly meeting on Monday, March 3, 2014 at RWHS Community Ed. Conference Room J108. Board members, Superintendent Karsten Anderson, staff and public were present. Chair Jones called the meeting to order at 5:30pm.
Motion by Farrar, second by Ryan to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried 7-0.
2.1 Recognitions and Upcoming Events:
An opera performance organized by Mikkel Gardner was recognized.
Kindergartners celebrating their 100th day of school, were visited by 100-year-old Olive Roome and listened to her tell them about what it was like when she was their age.
Congratulations to Tanner Alms, a RWHS student, who was a double champion in the State High School Swim meet.
Congratulations to the Girl’s Hockey team who placed 3rd in the State High School Hockey tournament.
The Red Wing Boys’ basketball team will be playing this Friday, March 7th in the Section Semi-Finals in Rochester.
2.2 Public Comment: none
2.3 Reports/Committee Notes:
The school board reviewed the reports and committee notes included in the board packet.
Board minutes for February 18, 2014
Claims & Accounts for January 16, 2014-January 31, 2014
Fund 01 – General Funds$507,326.37
Fund 02 – Food Service 36,596.68
Fund 03 – Transportation 3,402.11
Fund 04 – Community Services 22,747.08
Fund 05 – Capital Expenditures 25,131.58
Fund 06 – Building Construction 0.00
Fund 07 – Debt Service 38,210.00
Fund 08 – Auxiliary4,663.88
Fund 09 – Trust Agency 16,027.77
Fund 21 – Student Activities 1,424.71
Fund 22 – Clinic 21,646.63
Fund 45 – OPEB Trust Fund 0.00
Fund 47 – OPEB Debt Service 0.00
Fund 50 – Student Activities 251.88
Payroll – January 31, 2014 $774,549.41
Treasurer’s Report & Schedule of Investments: See attached.
New Hire: Lindsay Barnes, Ed. Assistant at Twin Bluff Middle School, effective February 25, 2014 (due to a retirement); Brittney Lindenfelser, Title I Ed. Assistant at Sunnyside Elementary School, effective February 18, 2014 (due to a resignation).
One-Year Unpaid Leave of Absence: Nicole Cashman, 1st Grade Teacher at Sunnyside Elementary School, beginning 2014-2015 school year.
Retirement: Ken Roberts, Band Teacher at Twin Bluff Middle School, effective June 6, 2014; Dee Swinarski, Physical Therapist District Wide, effective June 30, 2014.
Motion by Kramp, second by Farrar to approve the consent agenda as presented. Motion carried 7-0.
3.2Proposed Transportation Changes:
Chuck Corliss of the Center for Efficient School Operations presented a proposal to convert Red Wing’s bus transportation to a single-tier system. The board discussed the proposal and will consider formal adoption on March 17th.
3.3Proposed Administrative Structuring:
Superintendent Anderson explained that a proposal to restructure the administrative team was reviewed by the Personnal Committee on March 3rd. The school board will consider the proposal to establish a Principal on Special Assignment position on March 17th.
3.4School Calendar Discussion:
The Calendar Committee reconvened to discuss options for the school calendar for next year. A revised option will be presented on March 17th.
Chair Jones noted upcoming meetings of the school board and its committees.
Motion by Ryan, second by Christensen to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried 7-0. Chair Jones adjourned at 6:55pm.
Mike Christensen
Board Clerk