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JULY MINUTES Re dWing School

Thursday, August 15, 2013 - 11:20pm

Independent School District #256
Red Wing Public Schools
The Red Wing School Board held its first monthly meeting on Monday, July 15, 2013 at the Red Wing City Council Chambers. The Board members, Superintendent Karsten Anderson, Board Clerk/Director of Finance Brad Johnson, staff and public were present. Members Anderson and Christensen were absent. Chair Jones called the meeting to order at 5:30pm.
Motion by Baldwin, second by Farrar to approve the agenda as submitted, motion carried, 5-0.
2.1Recognitions: Chair Jones recognized Esther Gullixon for contribution to the production of Joseph at the Sheldon.
2.2Public Comment: Members of FFA including Carlie Sandstrom, Hannah Duren, Nick Renner, and Jess Sandey spoke of the positives of the FFA program and concerns about upcoming events. An FFA parent, Kari Sandstrom, also spoke and criticized Red Wing High School administration for restricting access to the building for students to feed animals and tend plants.
2.3Career Exploration Program: Patty Brown, President of Red Wing Chamber of Commerce, updated the board on career events and plans for the future.
2.4GCED Long-Range Facilities Plan: Superintendent Anderson and Board Member Kramp summarized the results and progress of the GCED plan. Wastedo or Red Wing is recommended as sites.
2.5Reports/Committee Notes: Chair Jones reported that the MSBA Summer Session will be held on August 5. A United Way workshop on Bridges Out of Poverty is also being held. Superintendent Anderson introduced a list of committee meetings. Director Brad Johnson reported that the Clinic is averaged 8.6 and 7.75 visits a day and doing well. Also reported that preliminary discussions concerning an extension of the Bergwall lease with the Votech have begun, though the building’s condition can affect its availability.
3.1 Consent Agenda:
Background Information
4.1 Board minutes for June 17, 2013
4.2 Claims & Accounts for June 1, 2013-June 14, 2013
Fund 01 – General Funds$1,140,548.21
Fund 02 – Food Service21,987.33
Fund 03 – Transportation3,885.56
Fund 04 – Community Services 23,824.22
Fund 05 – Capital Expenditures12,837.46
Fund 06 – Building Construction 0.00
Fund 07 – Debt Service0.00
Fund 08 – Auxiliary5,126.45
Fund 09 – Trust Agency 6,668.49
Fund 21 – Student Activities 4,004.08
Fund 22 – Clinic78,489.30
Fund 45 – OPEB Trust Fund0.00
Fund 47 – OPEB Debt Service0.00
Fund 50 – Student Activities4,791.50
Total $1,302,162.60
Payroll – June 14, 2013 $1,381,486.64
4.3 New Hire: Geoffrey Cleveland, .8 FTE Social Studies Teacher at Twin Bluff Middle School, effective August 2013 (new position); Brianna Dressen, 2nd Grade Teacher at Sunnyside Elementary School, effective August 23, 2013 (Roll Up Section); Cory Thorson, Grade 4 Teacher at Burnside Elementary School, effective August 23, 2013 (new position); Marita Heins, 3rd Grade Teacher at Burnside Elementary School, effective August 23, 2013 (due to a retirement); Rachel Anderson, SLD/EBD Teacher at Twin Bluff Middle School, effective 2013-2014 school year (due to a retirement); Ann Peterson, .8 FTE English/LA Teacher at Twin Bluff Middle School, effective August 2013 (new position).
4.4 FMLA: Heidi Mitchell, LD Teacher at Burnside Elementary School, effective July 25, 2013 thru September 13, 2013.
4.5 Three Year Leave of Absence: Courtney Snyder, 5th Grade Teacher at Twin Bluff Middle School, effective August, 2013.
4.6 Resignation: Chris Sheehan, Agriculture Teacher at RWHS, effective July 2, 2013; Adam Nelson, Social Studies Teacher at RWHS, effective June 28, 2013; Min MartinOakes, ECSE/Kindergarten Resource Teacher at Sunnyside Elementary School, effective June 20, 2013; Patti Flynn, Special Ed. Paraprofessional at RWHS, effective June 20, 2013; Kris Jurgensen, Special Education Administrative Assistant at Red Wing Public Schools, effective July 1, 2013; Rachel Jensen, Assistant Lead at Sunnyside Kid’s Junction, effective June 11, 2013; Amy Sarnstrom, Aquatic Therapy Paraprofessional District Wide, effective April 30, 2013.
Chair Jones thanked the volunteers for the community grad party. Superintendent Anderson requested item 4.5 be deleted and item 4.6, Resignation, Kristi Person, be added. Motion by Kramp, second by Ryan to approve the Consent Agenda, motion carried, 5-0.
3.2 Health & Safety Program: Director Kevin Johnson reviewed recent projects and his list of 2013-14 projects. The Middle School was recommissioned. Prairie Island Arena will be recommissioned next year. The High School fire alarm system is failing and replacement is budgeted over the next 2 years. Arena Manager Todd Lillico reported on indoor air quality standards for arenas. Motion by Kramp, second by Ryan to approve the Health & Safety report and budget, motion carried 5-0.
3.3 Overnight Trips: Three future overnight trips for FFA for 2013-14 were presented. Board Member Kramp moved approval contingent on a positive fund balance, Baldwin second, motion carried 5-0.
3.4 Policy Revisions: This item will include emergency approval for the Health & safety policy change as required. Superintendent Anderson mentioned that policy 504 regarding clothing had some suggested changes; Board members prefer the word “excessive” be dropped. Regarding policy 504 regarding clothing, some changes were suggested. Kramp moved approval with that one change (drop the word “excessively”), second by Ryan, motion carried 5-0.
3.5 Handbooks and Guidelines: These items have been reviewed by policy committee. Ryan had requested one change on page 457 regarding eligible employees for school sponsored clinic. Contract language that may differ will be recognized. Motion by Kramp to approve, second by Farrar, motion carried 5-0.
3.6 Long-Range Facilities Planning: Superintendent Anderson proposed hiring Springsted for Phase I of their proposal for $15,000 as per attached draft. Kraus Anderson and DLR will also be used. Motion by Farrar, second by Ryan to approve, motion carried, 5-0.
3.7 Frac Sand Mining Resolution: A letter in the form of a Board resolution is proposed to be forwarded to the Goodhue County Board. Superintendent Anderson explained the background and summarized the new County ordinance. Chair Jones reported her understanding of possible impact. The proposed resolution is a request for further discussion, not a stand on the issue. Board Member Kramp disagreed with the resolution but stated his concern with safety for students and staff. Motion by Jones to approve the resolution, second by Baldwin, resolution approved by roll call: voting aye: Ryan, Baldwin, Jones, voting nay: Farrar, Kramp, absent: Anderson and Christensen.
3.8 Closed Session Pursuant to MS 13D.05, Subd. 3(c ): Motion by Kramp to close the meeting, second by Farrar, motion carried 5-0 and the meeting was closed for this discussion at 7:24PM. Motion by Ryan, second by Baldwin to reopen the meeting at 7:55PM, motion carried 5-0.
3.9Closed Session for Superintendent Evaluation: Motion by Baldwin, second by Ryan to close the meeting, motion carried 5-0. This portion began at 7:56PM. Motion by Kramp, second by Farrar to reopen the meeting, motion carried 5-0.
Chair Jones announced upcoming meeting dates. The meeting will adjourn after the closed sessions; no action will be taken.
Brad Johnson
Board Clerk