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Tuesday, August 4, 2009 - 7:03am


A Resolution Approving Publication of the Summary of Ordinance 458, Third Series


1. The City Council hereby approves the following summary of Ordinance 458, Third Series:

a. Section 1 of the Ordinance amends Division 45 and Division 10 of Chapter 11 of the City Code by deleting language and inserting new language; the intent of the changes are to strengthen Red Wing's commercial design standards to ensure quality building development especially along Red Wing's major corridors that lead into the downtown core;.

i. 45-020; modifications are made to the zoning districts that the ordinance will apply to, including removal of the 1-2 General Industrial District and inclusion of the 1-1 Light Industrial District properties that directly abut T.H. 61 and 63;

ii 45-020 and 45-080; a downtown overlay district is created that establishes additional requirements that include a 10-foot maximum building setback in order to promote continuous building frontage; minimum height of two stories; monument signs rather than tall pole signs; and minimum transparency with windows;

iii. 45-070; improved building material standards are created, including required building materials - 75% brick and/or stone required (primary materials list); no more than 25% secondary materials (secondary materials list); and the creation of a prohibited materials list, including vinyl, sheet metal, and painted or plain concrete block.

iv. 45-090; special exterior material regulations for 1-1 zoned property that directly abuts T.H. 61 and T.H. 63 are created -75% primary materials (special primary materials list); no more than 25% secondary materials (special secondary materials list); and the creation of a special prohibited materials list; allows primary materials to be reduced to 50% and secondary materials to be increased to 50% if submitted with a vegetative landscape buffer and a setback that exceeds the minimum front and corner side yard setbacks by 30' or more;

v. 10-020; definitions of general zoning terms; add "Public

Facade" - Any facade of a building that is visible from a public street, a public area, or provides access to the general public.

b. Section 2 of the Ordinance addresses the effective date of the Ordinance. The Ordinance shall be in full force and effect after its adoption and publication in accordance with the City Charter.

2. The City Council further determines that the publication of the title and summary of the Ordinance would clearly inform the public of the intent and effect of the Ordinance.

3. Accordingly, the City Council hereby resolves and directs that:

a. Only the title of the Ordinance and this summary be published; b. A printed copy of the entire text of the Ordinance is available for

inspection by any person; and

c. A copy of the entire text of the Ordinance shall be posted in the Red Wing Public Library between July 31, 2009, and September 28, 2009, and made available for review from the Planning Department office located at the Community Development Building, 419 Bush Street, Red Wing, MN 55066.

Adopted this 27th day of July 2009, by the City Council of the City of Red Wing. : .

Michael V. Schultz, Council President


Kathy Seymour Johnson, City Clerk

Presented to the Mayor at 9:30 p.m. on this 27th day of July 2009. Approved this 27th day of July 2009.

John S. Howe, Mayor

(Aug. 4)