O'Day looks to foster healthy community


For Corey O’Day, starting his own business wasn’t just about finding a building with space to rent. He needed to find the right community.

After the owner/operator of the new Anytime Fitness in Red Wing graduated from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a degree in business – and doing enough odd jobs to realize he wanted something more – he got his personal trainers certificate and trained in Green Bay, Wis., for about a year.

When O’Day decided to open his business, he wanted to get out of a bigger city, like Green Bay, he said, which has close to 100,000 people.

O’Day grew up in La Crosse and he said Red Wing reminds him of his hometown and has everything he wants in a city.

The bottom line isn’t the end of the line for his business, O’Day said.

“I’m not signing people up on memberships to say, ‘Hey, I don’t want to see you again,’” he said. “My goal is to create a healthier community.”

O’Day said he wants to work with the YMCA and Snap Fitness to create a healthy-conscious community, and stressed he wants everyone to see the benefits of being healthy.

One of the ideas O’Day said he has been contemplating is having a reduced rate for members who donate a certain number of items to the food shelf. He said he is willing to discount as much as corporate will allow at his franchise as long as people are working to help out the community.

O’Day’s wife took a job in St. Paul and they moved to Red Wing in May. Since then it has been one hectic whirlwind, he said.

“It’s a lot of headaches, but they’re all going toward one main goal,” O’Day said.

To start, O’Day said he hopes to hire two or three trainers. He wants to be the sole manager for at least the first year so he can get to know every season and every circumstance he can, he said.

After that he said he would like to get back to training, since that is what he really enjoys.

O’Day said he likes to think of his Anytime Fitness as a middle ground.

Anytime Fitness will be open 24 hours a day, but also offer some classes.

Once a year the club will have a club enhancement fee, but unlike other gyms he has been a part of the members will get to vote on the new pieces of equipment he will buy.

“I’d be really angry if I bought a piece that I thought everyone would use and no one uses it because then it’s just a waste of money,” O’Day said. “It’s all about the members here.”

O’Day said the building at 124 S. Tyler Road is ready to go and he is just waiting for the equipment to arrive on Dec. 9.