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Dog grooming rolls into town

There is a new service in Red Wing for dog owners who have found that their old hounds have picked up a fresh stench.

Dogs Matter Grooming is a professional mobile pet grooming business run by Todd and Gayle Matter. The Matters have converted a short bus into a dog-cleaning unit, with a hot water tank.

"It's like a doggy salon," Gayle Matter said. "It's like a dog salon on wheels."

She said Todd Matter will drive to the owner's home and clean the dog -- thoroughly. The cleanings go beyond a bath. Matter uses professional shampoos and conditioners, trims nails, cleans ears, bushes and detangles hair, and even brushes their teeth.

The intense cleanings can also help find ear infections, skin rashes or fleas, Gayle Matter said. She added that dogs aren't caged during the cleaning.

The couple have different duties within the business, Gayle Matter said. Todd runs the grooming operation itself while she tackles the business end of things.

They started their business in Rochester about a year ago and our now trying to break ground in Red Wing. Gayle Matter said they've been doing cleanings in Red Wing for about three months.

The business charges a $20 minimum convenience fee to drive to a location, which Matter said has been intimidating to some potential customers. However, she said, many of their first time users have turned into repeat customers.

Right now, Gayle Matter said the bus spends about three days a week in Rochester and two in Red Wing.

She they would like to reverse the ratio.